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Are Copper Gutters Worth the Price?

If you are considering Googling “rain gutter installation near me” to have your gutters upgraded to copper, you might be wondering if the additional cost is worth it

If you are considering Googling “rain gutter installation near me” to have your gutters upgraded to copper, you might be wondering if the additional cost is worth it. Before you decide, make sure that you know all the advantages and disadvantages that come with copper rain gutters. Understanding the difference between copper and other types of gutters can help you make the wisest choice.

What are the Most Common Types of Gutters?

In the gutter installation industry, there are two main types of gutters: aluminum and copper. Regardless of the material you choose, they both serve to move water away from the foundation of your structure. This eliminates the pooling that can lead to soil erosion and foundation issues. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Aluminum Gutters – Advantages and Disadvantages

For most homeowners, aluminum is a common and popular choice due to the advantages they provide. Aluminum gutters are durable and versatile. They are also the less expensive choice, so they make a good option for homeowners on a budget. Aluminum gutters have a coating that makes them less likely to rust; however, in the South, since they are subjected to high heat and humidity, they can sometimes show signs of rust, especially in the joints.

Aluminum gutters are also lightweight and typically require less manual labor to install and come in many different colors, which is appealing. Of the options, however, aluminum gutters are likelier to rust, especially if you buy a lower-end product that doesn’t have a very good coating. Also, extreme temperatures can hasten rusting, which is a real problem in the South. When compared to copper, they simply don’t have the same longevity.

Copper Gutters – Advantages and Disadvantages

Copper gutters are considered an upgrade and are a less popular choice due to the additional cost. They have a very distinct color that alters over time. As copper ages, it develops a natural patina. This makes them a preferred choice for high-end and luxury homes. They also do not crack, or rust, and they tend to last longer. Copper gutters can last upwards of 50 years or more with proper maintenance.

The biggest drawback to copper gutters is their price. They usually cost about twice what aluminum gutters do. Copper gutters also need to be custom fitted without seams. This provides a better system that won’t crack in the joists, but it is expensive. However, if you can upgrade, what you pay more for upfront will end up costing you less in repairs and early replacement costs.

So Which is Right For You?

Are copper gutters a worthwhile investment for you? Before you Google “rain gutters installation near me,” decide whether it is worth it to pay upfront for longevity and durability, or if aluminum gutters are a better fit for your situation. At Carolina Gutter Co., we offer the highest-quality gutter installation in the industry. Whether you want aluminum or copper gutters, you can rest assured that we will install them correctly and that we stand by the quality of the materials we provide and the expertise of the installation! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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