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Do Gutter Guards Really Work and Are They Worth It?

When we install or repair gutters, we often get asked whether gutter guards really work and if they are worth the cost

When we install or repair gutters, we often get asked whether gutter guards really work and if they are worth the cost. There’s a lot of debate and myths surrounding what leaf guards can and cannot do and whether they are worth it. Some contractors actually maintain that they require more work to clean than gutters without guards. There is no debate about the ugly nature of gutter cleaning, so if gutter guards help to reduce the time you need to spend doing it, then yes, they are worth it! Overall, it really does depend on who installs them and what product you use.

Do Gutter Guards Make Cleaning Harder?

Industry experts who don’t believe in the effectiveness of gutter guards often maintain that they cause problems like making dirt and debris build up on top of the guard, which ultimately detracts from the building’s curb appeal. There are also cases where guards can impact your roof warranty if not installed correctly. The reality is that both of these are a concern if you don’t have them installed by a professional. If leaf guards are attached the wrong way, they will not only cause issues – they can negatively affect your warranty.

What are the Pros of Gutter Guards?

Overall, if they are installed correctly, we have seen guards work well and save homeowners a ton of gutter cleaning time. They collect debris that otherwise would accumulate and stop the gutters from working. So although you might have to spend time clearing the top, they keep gutters working properly, which is the most important part. Additionally, when dirt and debris accumulate in your gutters, it can weigh them down and lead to damage. However, that’s not the case with gutter guards, because debris can’t accumulate.

Gutter guards also help reduce the risk of pests because they eliminate the build-up of bacteria and dirt that can be a breeding ground. They also make it easier to clean your gutters without standing on a ladder, and they improve the equity of your home.

The Takeaway?

When it comes to installing gutter guards, they do a lot to help your gutters perform better and reduce the risk of gutters breaking due to weight. Additionally, they deter pests and are easier to clean. Sure, the people that say gutter guards don’t reduce the need for cleaning are 100% correct. But they do limit the time needed to clean, and they help in many other ways, like helping your gutter system over time and preventing the nasty consequences that come with gutters caked with dirt.

When people ask us if gutter guards are worth it and whether they work, our answer is definitely “Yes, but…” Yes, gutter guards do work to reduce time, money, and repair costs. But they do not self-clean, and they will not work if not installed properly. In fact, if you don’t hire a professional team like Carolina Gutter Co., you could risk voiding your roof warranty, which is a serious mistake. Contact our team to discuss installing new gutters and gutter guards for your home or commercial property today!

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