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Is 2023 Your Year to Upgrade to Copper Gutters?

As we head into the new year, many homeowners will resolve to increase the equity in their homes. If you are looking for an upgrade that offers a large return

As we head into the new year, many homeowners will resolve to increase the equity in their homes. If you are looking for an upgrade that offers a large return on your investment, comes with many advantages, and just looks great, then hiring gutter companies in Charleston, SC to upgrade to copper gutters is an ideal investment. Why should you consider it? These are just some of the reasons that 2023 should be your year to go copper!

Improve the Equity You Have in Your Home

Copper gutters might deter some homeowners because they are a bigger investment upfront compared to other gutter materials. But copper gutters last longer than other types, which means that you will be investing in the future. What you pay for upfront comes back to you tenfold in the investment you make to protect your home from foundation issues in the long run.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Usually, gutters are something of an afterthought in homes and do nothing but blend into the landscape. Copper gutters are an aesthetic enhancement. Due to their natural patina and upgraded appearance, they can dress up any home by adding traditional beauty. Also, unlike other gutter materials, copper gutters don’t look worn over time; they get better with age! So instead of just replacing what you already have, why not enhance your home’s curbside in 2023?

Better Durability

Of all the gutter materials that you can choose, copper offers the most strength and durability. That means that it can withstand the harsh conditions of storms and humidity in South Carolina without rusting or cracking. It can also withstand more build-up that weighs them down, although ideally you should clean your gutters out regularly to avoid weighing them down. If properly maintained and installed, copper gutters can last upwards of 50 years or more.


When you compare copper gutters to other metals or plastic, they are less likely to break, sag, or succumb to the same issues that others have. The strength of copper makes it unlikely that you will have to repair or replace them, which will save you money over the lifespan of your gutter system!

All of the Advantages that Go with Seamless Gutters

Copper gutters are seamless, which means that they have a customized appeal and they are less likely to crack or break in the seams. And since they will not rust or rot, it’s not likely that they’ll require repairs or a replacement over the years. When you upgrade to copper, you also get all of the advantages that come with seamless gutters, so it is doubly advantageous.

As we head into the new year, if new gutters are on your to-do list, go the extra mile to upgrade to copper. Copper gutters not only look better; they last longer, need less maintenance and repairs and will add to the equity of your home in 2023. Contact Carolina Gutter Co. for an estimate to add copper gutters to your home or office for the year ahead!

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