Shelving And Mirror

Shelving & Mirror Installation in Charleston, SC

Do you have a shelving or mirror project that you've been putting off or seems like too much to handle on your own? Let the experts at Carolina Gutter Co. help you.

We can install shelving, hang heavy mirrors, and even design closet shelving for any project.

Shelving Installation

Mirror Installation
Shelving Installation

When it comes to closet, pantry or general shelving installation, hanging those bad boys can be tricky.

You have to make sure you hang them properly or they could crash to the floor, or even worse—on you or your family. It's so important to correctly install shelves with stud support. Let our shelving installation experts install your shelves and take that task off your plate.

Mirror Installation Charleston SC

Mirror Installation

Mirrors can be very difficult to hang, especially if they are over-sized and heavy. Plus, if not installed properly, falling off the wall would be disastrous. That's why we offer professional mirror installation. No need to worry about if you are hanging them properly when you call the mirror installation experts!

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